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  • The Deutsches Klima-Konsortium e.V. (DKK) represents the leading players of German climate and climate impact research encompassing more than 20 renowned research organisations. The federation is also an important international partner acting as a guidepost, strategic partner, project partner and information broker.

  • Thanks to their success in climate research, German research organisations have made a major contribution to the understanding of global climate change. Germany´s climate researchers contribute as well significantly to the development of adaption and mitigation measures.

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Biokraftstoffe – Zeit für eine Neubewertung

Gernot Klepper, Norbert Schmitz und Jan Henke

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DKK-Klima-Frühstück: Wolken - die großen Unbekannten im Klimasystem
20. February 2015

DKK-Klima-Frühstück: Wolken - die großen Unbekannten im Klimasystem

Die Wirkung der Wolken im Klimasystem bereitet den Forschern besonders viel Kopfzerbrechen.


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