Das Deutsche Klima-Konsortium e.V. (DKK)

German climate research has many facets and ranges from basic to applied research. The Deutsches Klima-Konsortium e.V. (DKK) represents the leading players of German climate and climate impact research encompassing more than 20 renowned research organisations. The federation is also an important international partner acting as a guidepost, strategic partner, project partner and information broker.

Thanks to their success in climate research, German research organisations have made a major contribution to the understanding of global climate change. Germany´s climate researchers contribute as well significantly to the development of adaption and mitigation measures.

Annual Reporst to download (mainly available in German):

The DKK network bundles the scientific expertise of different research disciplines and provides a platform for integrative research projects. The objective is the development of action-oriented results from climate research for society, the economy, and the environment. Within this framework the key questions are: "How do human activities contribute to climate change?", "How do we respond to it?" and "Which facts and instruments can support the necessary decisions in economic and environmental politics?". An important aspect in this context is the dialogue between politics, the economy and the public. The DKK supports this dialogue through the networking of independent research and political and economic activities. The objective is the provision of reliable results from research for the formulation of science-based options for climate protection and climate impacts.

Its activities place also particular emphasis on dialogues with decision-makers on matters concerning the strategic planning of climate research. The focus is on developing and defining feasible programs for the promotion of research. The DKK helps to moderate the diverse and highly qualified German climate and climate impact research. The DKK organizes working groups and stimulates research activities and partnerships on various topics. 



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