Who is the DKK?

The German Climate Consortium is a registrated association located in Berlin, Germany. The federation represents the leading players of German climate and climate impact research, such as universities, non-university research institutions and federal agencies. The Organisational chart shows how the association is structured.

  • The DKK board consists of five honorary members: a chair and four representatives. The board is elected by members at the general meeting.

  • The board is supported by the administrative office. The DKK office is the first point of contact for policymakers and the public. The administrative office has been operating out of Berlin-Mitte since 2010.

  • The members meet once a year at a plenary meeting. A lively exchange of ideas among one another, with the office and the board lead to informed decision-making.

  • Through strategy groups, the DKK promotes the exchange of information and interdisciplinary cooperation among its member institutions.

  • The DKK regularly cooperates with external partners from politics, academia and civil society on a project-related basis.

  • About four times a year the DKK publishes a newsletter (in German) with recent developments in climate research as well as current activities of the DKK.


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