Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability (CEN) at Universität Hamburg

Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability (CEN), Universität Hamburg


CEN is a central research center at Universität Hamburg and part of the local network KlimaCampus Hamburg.
Members include oceanographers, meteorologists, marine biologists, geophysicists, geologists, soil scientists, geographers, biogeochemists, economists, social scientists, historians, as well as peace and security researchers, all of whom are actively engaged in climate, environmental, and earth system research. CEN therefore links the natural and social sciences—in research, research-driven education and support for young researchers. This is also where the Cluster of Excellence "Climate, Climatic Change, and Society" (CLICCS) is embedded - a long-term research project that deals with the overriding question: which climatic conditions are possible and which ones are plausible?



Ute Kreis
Public Relations

Tel.: +49 (0) 40 - 428 384 523
E-Mail: ute.kreis@uni-hamburg.de
Internet: www.cen.uni-hamburg.de


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