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The UHOH originated from an agricultural school founded in the year 1818 after the disastrous famine caused by the outbreak of the volcano Tambora. Since this time, it is performing research in the areas of conflict between global food security, water availability, and power supply for society and economy which became particularly critical in the anthropocene. The research focus are arid and agricultural-shaped regions and the corresponding feedback processes in the land-atmosphere system in all climate zones. For this purpose, the Institute of Physics and Meteorology (IPM) provides new, high-resolution weather forecast and climate ensemble simulations. Process understanding is fostered by 3-dimensional observations of water-vapor, temperature, and wind fields with a new generation of active remote sensing systems developed at IPM which also have the potential to be operated on future spaceborne platforms. The Institute of Soil Science and Land Evaluation is performing research on the representation of plant and crop dynamics as well as crop yield in land system models. The Hans Ruthenberg Institute investigates the impact of climate change with novel agricultural-economic models down to the single farm level based on multi agent systems.



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