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The existence of man-made climate change is repeatedly called into question. In science, however, it is indisputable that the climate is changing and that mankind is the main cause. We provide a link collection with background information and facts about the current state of research on climate change – for well-founded research and argumentation.

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You want to know more? Then we recommend our free Open Online Course on "Climate Change, Risks and Consequences". More than 20 researchers explain the scientific basics in short videos with the aid of vivid animations and graphics. Log in here.

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The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the intergovernmental body that collects and evaluates the current state of research on climate change, its risks and reduction and adaptation strategies from a scientific point of view. A large number of international scientists create the reports in a transparent and careful manner on the basis of already published scientific publications from various specialist journals. The reports appears about every seven years in three volumes of more than 1,000 pages each and includes the current state of international climate research. The 30-page „Summary for Policymakers“ contains the core topics of each volume, which were finally approved by all states.

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