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07.02.2018 - 09.02.2018

World Symposium on Climate Change Communication

Graz, Austria

The “2nd World Symposium on Climate Change Communication” will focus on “addressing the challenges in communicating climate change across various audiences”, hence providing a platform for reflections on climate change communication research and practice. The Symposium will also offer a concrete contribution towards a better understanding and in catalysing further action to better communicate climate change. Furthermore, the event will serve the purpose of showcasing experiences from research, field projects and best practice to foster climate change communication among various settings and audiences, which may be useful and which could be adapted and replicated elsewhere.

Veranstalter: HAW Hamburg u.a.
Veranstaltungsort: Venue at Graz (t.b.a.)
8010 Graz
Beginn: 07.02.2018   10:00 Uhr
Ende: 09.02.2018   18:00 Uhr
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