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16.09.2021 - 16.09.2021

Series Climate Coffee


ECRA, the European Climate Research Alliance, and Blue-Action have started a collaboration to host the Climate Coffees, a series of regular informal discussion events around climate science. The speakers provide a short talk, followed by discussion, questions and comments.

Today Rasmus Benestad from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute speaks about the Norwegian approach to Downscaling.

Link for the Online-Zoom-Meeting: https://kit-lecture.zoom.us/j/67973353269?pwd=alYvZjVSVDhJOXdKUFQ0aDFvYVdydz09#success

Sign up for updates by sending a message to coffee@ecra-climate.eu or by checking in on updates on the event website on http://ecra-climate.eu/ClimateCoffee.

Veranstalter: ECRA
Veranstaltungsort: Zoom-Meeting Online
Beginn: 16.09.2021   11:00 Uhr
Ende: 16.09.2021   12:00 Uhr
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