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22.11.2022 - 24.11.2022

Climate Coloniality: Mechanisms, Epistemologies, Spaces of Resistance


The search for technical and market-oriented solutions to combat climate change is in full swing. Electric vehicles, the massive expansion of renewable energies, green hydrogen, geoengineering, as well as carbon trading, are key issues of global climate politics and increasingly influencing national and supranational agendas. Notwithstanding their actual relevance for reducing CO2-emissions, these climate solutions, however, are often associated with environmental injustices and neocolonial dependencies on which we will focus in this conference, following Farhana Sultanas’ (2022) term of »climate coloniality«.

The conference is hosted by the DFG Humanities Centre for Advanced Studies »Futures of Sustainability« at the University of Hamburg, Germany, and supported by the Instituto de Bioética and the Facultad de Filosofía, of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana at Bogotá, Colombia.

Veranstalter: DFG Humanities Centre for Advanced Studies “Futures of Sustainability”
Veranstaltungsort: Online via Zoom
Beginn: 22.11.2022   15:00 Uhr
Ende: 24.11.2022   20:00 Uhr
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