Stellenangebote in der Klimaforschung

Die Einrichtungen der Klimaforschung bieten Arbeitsplätze in der Forschung aber auch im administrativen Bereich an. Die Übersicht zeigt interdisziplinäre Angebote der DKK-Mitglieder sowie anderer Institutionen.

Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS) - Hamburg

The Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS), a scientific organisational entity of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon, invites applications for

GERICS develops science-based prototype products and services in support to government, administration and business in their efforts to adapt to climate change. It builds up a national and international network structure in order to integrate existing competences and knowledge, and to link various actors within the complex area of climate change.
The successful candidate will be part of the CoSynHealth young research group in collaboration with the Universität Hamburg. The goal of the group is to develop sustainable transformation scenarios for city quarters to reduce conflicting goals and maximize synergies between carbon-neutral and healthy city action pathways.

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