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Climate Change, Risks and Challenges

Join our online course on climate change and learn with renowned climate scientists.

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Climate change is one of the major challenges for the international community. However, there is no intuitive approach to the problem. Rather, it can only be grasped through scientific knowledge. This is why our Climate Course explains the scientific basis of climate change, the impacts on nature and society, and identifies potential solutions – so that fact-based knowledge is available for everyone and can guide the transformation process towards a sustainable future.

About the Climate Course – free online education

  • Understand science
    The basics of climate change are explained in short and comprehensive videos. Six chapters with more than 20 top scientists provide an overview of the state of the art.
  • Test yourself
    With quizzes and tasks you can check your comprehension immediately.
  • Get certificates
    Receive a free certificate by DKK and WWF after completing the Climate Course and open badges for your professional social media profiles.
  • Become part of the network
    Exchange experiences and views with other participants. Find people interested in climate change and climate protection in your city and all around the world.
  • Take action
    Get ideas on how to support climate protection.
  • Content and chapters

    Content and chapters of the climate course © DKK/WWF

    The course is structured in six chapters, each presenting a different issue of climate change. Every chapter consists of short video-lectures and additional work assignments, discussions, quizzes, practical examples and further information.

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  • Experts

    Prof. Mojib Latif is one of the speakers of the Climate Course © DKK/WWF

    Renowned climate scientists from our member institutions all over Germany teach the course about climate change, risks and challenges. Guests contributions from international experts are included. Get to know the participating experts here.

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MOOC about climate change, risks and challenges © Getty Images, DKK/WWF
MOOC about climate change, risks and challenges © Getty Images, DKK/WWF

MOOC in the academic context

Our course is a so-called Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). It is a form of digital education, which combines traditional and new forms of knowledge transfer. Everyone can participate. It can also be used perfectly in an academic context. Therefore we have developed a guide to make it easier for universities to use the ‘Climate Change, Risks and Challenges’ online course in their curriculum. The guide includes background information on the course format, scientific content and teaching methods, as well as suggestions for use of the online course as a pure, unsupervised, stand-alone course, as an elective or required module, or in a blended learning scenario in the academic context. It also shows two interesting case studies on the use of the MOOC in a specific university context that make the limitations and basic conditions of use even more apparent.

Short versions for busy people

If you don't have the time to work through the complete and comprehensive Climate Course, there are two shorter versions avaible:


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The scientific association Deutsches Klima-Konsortium together with the non-governmental organization WWF Germany have developed an interdisciplinary MOOC on climate change and its impacts. We have attracted renowned researches from leading German climate research institutes to this Climate Course. The project is supported by the Federal Foreign Office.

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